Music & Media PR

Fruition Music has partnered  up with Stephanie Reid to for Music & Media PR. See below for Stephanie’s track record.

20 years experience of the music business, with a range of artists from alternative rock, indie to electronic. A history of breaking acts in the UK market with both product and artist management experience and an understanding of the needs and personalised approach for both up and coming and established artists.

Past clients include:

Broke Rage Against The Machine, Pearl Jam, Blur, Headswim


Oasis, CypressHill, DannyRed, HouseofPain, Echobelly, NenehCherry, Beck, Live, Paw, L7, Fiter, Brad, StoneTemplePilots, JesusJones, GreenDay, PWEI, Soundgarden, FaithNoMore, Curve, EMF, Tad, Live LennyKravitz, Pantera, NewOrder, NineInchNails, , BlackCrowes, HenryRollins, OneDove, CarterUSM, IanMcCulloch, CatherineWheel, Spiritualised, OceanColourScene, Verve, XCNN, SultansOfPing, SenserDinosaurJr, Prodigy, JanetJackson, Sleeper, MachinesOfLovingGrace, Headswim, Pavement, MudhoneyMelvins, Therapy, Cud, Verve, DaisyChainsaw, Tackhead, UrbanDanceSquad, GaryClail, LittleAxe, Youth, Reef, InspiralCarpets Tool, GinBlossoms, Jayhawks, ElvisCostello, CatherineWheelPulp, BlindMelon, BimSherman, JanetJackson, ShaneMacGowan, 2Pac, MeatBeatManifesto DrDre, SkunkAnansie, AlannahMyles, Dodgy, SineadOConnor, SuzanneVega, FamilyCat, TheLevellers, Pantera, CorrosionofConformity, CarterTheUnstoppableSexMachine, Suede, TheWildhearts, NaturalLife, TheCure, SenselessThings, TheRealPeople, Fundamental, Weezer, SoulCoughing, Beck, TheLemonheads, Fishbone, Prong, Nudeswirl, JeffBuckley, JuliannaHatfield, OzzyOsbourne, TheMockTurtles, Youth, GrantLeeBuffalo, Leftfield&Lydon, MassiveAttack, MercuryRev, FreqNasty, BigBeatConspiracy, Hybrid, Eskimos&Egypt, Danzig, Sepultura, NapalmDeath, TheCure, Eat, HouseofPain, SheeponDrugs, SultansofPing, TheAlmighty, Sleeper, ParadiseLost, TheLevellers, Leftfield&Lydon, TerryFrancis, Presence (CharlesWebster), AngelMoraes, CevinFisher, Bjork, Spiritualised, TheWanadies , Echobelly, Lush, TheCult, AliceCooper, Live, Therapy, CocteauTwins, and many, many more available upon request.